Ancestor Tour

Organized Tours with Chauffeur to discove
the birthplace of your ancestors in Sicily.

Ancestors Tour in Sicily

Discover the origins of your ancestors with our tours.

Do you have Sicilian origins? Have you ever asked yourself who were your ancestors? Look for your origins with Our Help!

Thanks to our Ancestors Tour in Sicily, organized tours with chauffeur, we can guide you through the birth town of your ancestors and help you look for documents at the local Town Hall.
We can eventually assist you in searching any living relatives who still live in your ancestors’ town.
Even if you have little information book your Ancestor Tour and entrust Pls Autoservizi, leading company for tourism and chauffeur driven tours in Sicily.

Ancestor Tour: what is it and how does it work

The Ancestor Tour (or Ancestry Tour) comes from the need, above all from Americans who have Sicilian origins, to carry out a your family research of their ancestors to discover their cultural heritage in Sicily, (heritage research).

Many from abroad ask for our “ancestor Travel and Tours in Sicily” because we deal with organizing ancestors tour in all the island.

Sicily Ancestry Tour: organization of the tour

For a good start in the ancestry research, it is necessary to have some information regarding the person you are looking for, name, surname, date and place of birth (any further information regarding your parents or relatives will help in the research).

The first step is to make contact with the Town Hall of the birth place of the person you are looking for, then we will proceed to the identification.
If all the information matches, we will ask for the certificates (birth, death, marriage)
We will then book an appointment with the Office (Civil Register office, historic archive) on the date of the tour.

The second step consists in going to the Town Hall and carry out the research with all the information at hand.
This way we can have further information regarding your ancestors’ family, and eventually see the actual house or street where they were born or where they lived (always if they still exist after WWII or have changed name).

The ancestors tour can be associated with other activities, for example with and enogastronomic visit or a monumental tour of the place where the research will take place.
Organizing a Sicily ancestor tour needs time and experience: it is therefore indispensable that all the information is given as early as possible to allow us to plan and make it impeccable

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